Why Romantic Movie is Better than a Drama

There is an advantage of drama over a movie. However, let us think of how movie is more advantageous than drama in some ways. Movie is part of human life and this is the reason why a person should watch a movie. Movies will be able to entertain human beings who are suffering from work, tiredness and any troublesome situation. If you are going to choose between a drama and a movie, which one would be suitable for you?

To speak frankly, drama is a boring because you have to watch for how many hour that you reserve for it from the beginning to the end just to view the final. Watching this will consume your time. If you do not watch it in a day, likely you will be bored continuing it the next day because you have to do so many work and there are just more important things to do than just watching a drama.

Another thing is that if you watch movie, you will not be bored because you are watching  a movie which is not that romantic in detail. In drama, you will find the leading characters always talking to each other. Is that not boring? The plot of a movie will be finished in 2-3 hours and you are already entertained. The shorter the better. No wasting more time. A Drama can be watched in average of 20 hours. How many movies could you have been watched in 201 hours? Is this not more advantageous? If you are looking for an entertainment, drama will fail you.