Reasons for Watching a Movie

Why should you watch a movie? In watching a movie you might think that it would be waste of time. Absolutely true! Even if it is true that people are wasting time in watching movie, people could not help but to do it. Why? Because we humans are humans, not robots. We think, we act and speak.

Watching a movie will relax the body and be entertained. For some, this is a means to relieve boredom being felt while living in daily life. For some, this is a means to spend time with your precious loved one if you do not go out for a date. This is also a way to love someone. Making time for your family and others makes you feel better that you do not exist alone. What is more amazing with watching a movie is that you know these are fantasies we you still love to watch them. This is the spirit of a movie.

Watching movies will help you realize some basic facts in human society though what is presented in the movie is just exaggeration of life, but it is an entertainment. This is why movie is better to watch than a drama because drama will really waste your time. Movie is one of the things that will make you more and more attached  to television or your notebook so this is the reason why there should be a self-control yet amazing things to do. There will be satisfaction of entertainment after watching a movie.