Best Romantic Movies Produced in 2017

Want to know what movies to watch? Try to watch romantic movies and comedy ones. Laughing is good for the health so try to relax and use movies wisely.

Beauty and the Beast is the new latest version of the animated ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Beauty and the Beast comes as the most romantic movie in the year 2017. The title itself makes it reasonable to be called romantic.

The Little Mermaid is a story between a mermaid and a human falling in love with each other. The plot is so amazing that will make you watch it over and over again. Millions of people have already watched this.


Lost in Florence is an American made movie that tells love is found through a historic wander. Although it may be a little hard to leave what was started, there is still a way to escape.

Once a upon a time is a romantic and fantastic movie in 2017. Watchers surely will enjoy this topic no matter what happens. It has been a show all over the world.

The Mountain Between us is an American movie that makes people cry and at the same time feel the love between mountains that could kill people who are starving and helpless along mountains.

Bitter Harvest is one of the most amazing movie because of its love story. It is no ordinary story. It can make you cry. It must be a lesson for reality.

Oasis is a South Korean film owing a romantic comedy. South Korea has so many romantic comedy being produced yearly.